Web pages are the central, public facing component of The Digital Bell. This section contains tutorials for creating new pages, designing custom layouts, and more page-related functions.

This tutorial contains step-by-step instructions for creating a new Web page.
Creating a page layout allows you to customize how your Content Elements are displayed on the page.

The following tutorial will explain how to design a Page Layout, and position your Content Elements.
This tutorial will teach you how to use links to their highest potential. There are several different ways to utilize links, but in this tutorial we will be discussing embedded documents as link and URLs to other pages as links.
The Subpage Order determines how your pages are displayed in menus, such as the "Related Links" sidebar.

The following tutorial will explain how to select the order in which your pages are displayed.
The page preview function allows you to make sure your new Web page will be displayed as you intend it, before it becomes public.

This article shows you how to preview your Web pages.
There are many different benefits to using the page redirect feature in the Digital Bell CMS. One benefit, is that you can set a page to redirect to a completely different website. This tutorial will teach you how to access the redirect feature, and to use it.