Step 1. Create an Athletic Event

1. Athletic Event Fields

Use these options to pre-populate the dropdown menus below. Any of the items listed here can be clicked to view the current options, and add new options.

For example, clicking "Sports" will display a list of each sport that can be selected when creating an Event. While viewing the list, you can click the "Create" button (located in the right sidebar) to add a new option to the list. This will bring you to a form where you can enter the title of the new sport. The other items listed in this section work in the same way.

2. Add/Edit Event

  • Adding an EventComplete the form fields to add a new Athletic Event. The Title field will be completed as you fill in the other fields. Note: The fields for Sport, Date, and both Time fields are required to create an Event. (selecting the "All Day" option can be used in place of start and end times). When an Event is ready to be created, the "Add" button will appear.

    Don't forget to check "Yes" for "Published?" to add your event to the Athletic Calendar (selecting "No" will withold the event). 

  • Editing an EventIf you need to make a change after adding, locate the Event in the list below the fields (3), then click the Edit button (pencil icon) to populate the fields with the Event's information. Once you have updated the Event, click the "Update" button to save your changes.

3. Event List

A list of the Events that have been created. Use the search function to find specific Events. You can edit (pencil icon) or delete ("minus sign" icon) Events from this section as needed.

Step 2: Add New Event Types to the Athletic Calendar

After you have created your Events, their Event Types will need to be manually added to the calendar. Event Types are automatically created by the selections made in the Gender, Level, and Sport fields. For example, selecting "Girls," "Varsity," and "Soccer" will create the "Girls Varsity Soccer" Event Type. The steps below explain how to add new Sports/Event Types to the calendar.

Note: If the Events you have created are not appearing on the site (especially in the case of a brand new sport being added), please try the steps below to ensure their Event Type has been added to the calendar. 

  1. To begin, click the "Pages" tab, located in the menu at the top of any Digital Bell page. This will bring you to a list of the pages on the site.

  2. Here, locate the title of the page that contains your Athletic calendar (usually "Athletics" or "Athletic Calendar," however this may vary from school to school). Next, click the Edit button (pencil icon) to the left of the title. This will bring you to the content editor.

  3. Here, locate the "Event Type Group" element that is used to generate the Athletic Calendar. The "Event Type Group" should list a series of default Sports-related Event Types. To add your new Event Types, click the "+Existing Events" button on the bottom of the group.

  4. This will bring up a list of each Event Type that is not currently shown in the calendar (Note: non-Athletic events will also be shown here). Click to select the Event Type you would like to add (Ctrl+Left Click for Windows or Cmd+Left Click for MacOS to select multiple events).

  5. Once finished, click the "Submit" button to add the new Event Types to the Event Type Group.