What type of Reservation would you like to Create?

If you are organizing after-school programs, you can use Reservations for online sign-ups. With the Reservations system, you can list the available programs, and allow parents and guardians to sign up their children through your Web site.
If you are a teacher who needs to set up multiple Parent/Teacher meetings, you can use Reservations to organize and schedule them online. The Reservations system gives parents and guardians the option to view and select an available appointment time from your Web page.

PTA/PTSA organizations can use Reservations for volunteer sign-ups. The Reservations system can be used to set up a schedule for an event, allowing potential volunteers to choose the time and number of hours they will be available.

...Now Create one Yourself!

  • The Digital Bell's Reservations system provides a way to schedule meetings, conferences, and more through your Web site.

    This first step in implementing Reservations involves creating a schedule, which is used to organize your appointments, or Time Slots.
  • The Reservations system uses forms as the public-facing component. The form you create will appear on the reservation page, and allow your site's visitors to select an available Time Slot.

    This tutorial explains how to create a form, and integrate it with your new schedule.
  • This tutorial explains how to place your newly created reservation form on a Web page.
  • Once your reservation page is live and accessible, you can begin receiving Requests. A Request is sent whenever a visitor selects a Time Slot and submits your form.

    This tutorial will explain how to view and manage your Requests.