You might have seen some Teacher or Class pages on your website that feature a calendar. These calendars are used for lesson plans and other general scheduling.

How does it work? Well, GSL just needs to enable Posts for your user account. What are Posts? Well, they're a type of content that is typically dated and recurring. Blogs (like the one you're reading now) are a common use for Posts.

One of the best things about Posts is that you have several choices for how the Posts will display on your website (Post Browser). For one, it can be in a Digest view. This blog is displayed in a Digest view. You can also choose a browser view, which creates a sortable list with drop-down menus for filtering the Posts. There's even a Map display option that will allow you to display your posts on a map (perfect for a History class!). And of course, you can also use the Calendar view.

How do you get started? Well, first thing to do is submit at ticket through The Digital Bell support system and request to have a Post Type created for you. In fact, you might want multiple Post Types (i.e. one for each class). So, just let us know in the ticket what you want to call each Post Type (i.e. Algebra I Calendar).

As soon as we get your Post Type(s) built we'll send you an email. Then, you just need to add a Post Browser (described above) to the page that you want to display your calendar on:

  1. When editing your Page, "Post Types" can be found with the other Content Elements under "Add Content" in the right-hand column.
  2. Once you get your Post Type Group on the Page, click Settings (in the blue bar) and then select "Calendar" under Layout on the Display Option tab. You'll see many other options available, but for the sake of keeping things simple, this is the only change needed in most cases. Just be sure to hit the blue "Submit" button when you're done.
  3. The last thing you'll need to do is add your Post Type to the calendar. So, click the green "Existing Post Type" button and select the Post Type you want to display on this Page.

That's it. You should have a working calendar on your Page. Of course, you'll need to add some Posts for events to show up on the calendar. So, click Posts in the navigation bar and get that calendar full!

Please let the GSL Support Team know if you have any questions or encounter any problems.